Forschungsgemeinschaft elektronische Medien e.V.

Admin Consultation Hours

Wednesday evening 7 pm to 8 pm there is an admin consultation every week.

If you have any problems or concerns regarding your FeM membership or your network access, you are welcome to visit us at the FeM office (Max-Planck-Ring 6d in the basement) during admin hours.

If you don't want to wait until next Wednesday, you can also contact us through our ticket system Helpdesk.

The Admins of FeM e.V.

If you want to contact us about problems or requests via eMail, it is recommended to send this eMail to our ticket system You can also easily create the request via our ticket system Helpdesk. The ticket system is processed by all admins and you can be assisted more quickly.
Membership cancellations
and applications for semesters of rest must always be sent to (if possible, submit via ticket system website Helpdesk), then you avoid all problems!

Die Admins der einzelnen Blöcke

Block A
Kein Admin vorhanden!
Block B
Kein Admin vorhanden!
Block C
Touseef Ashraf (01-02-13)
Block D
Block E
Erik Isselhard (KG-03-2)
Block H
Hakeem Shaddoud (01-32)
Block I
Tobias Borrmann (00-63)
Block K
Leon Böhmer ((2a-)01-22) Mohanad Al Gandour ((2c-)01-23)
Anna Brede ((4d-)00-12) Admin ((4a-)02-23)
Lydia Augustin ((4d-)01-22)
Block L
Luca Dölle ((6c-)00-11) Danh Hung Khiem Nguyen ((8c-)04-21)
Jawad Munir ((6e-)01-21)
Block N
Adrian 'nex' Schollmeyer (05-13) Mirko Dransfeld (02-07)
Sidi Annis Pierre Charaf (00-10) Damir Catovic (00-13)
Block P
Franca Bittner ((03-)00-02) Yalda Raissnia ((03-)01-03)
Block Q
Marius Lehmann (01-02) Maryam Ghaem Panah (03-04)
Zhansong Geng (202)
Henrik Dittmann (1a - 2.OG) Johanna Radechovsky (1a - 2.OG)
Jan Lemmen (4a - 2.OG) Hannes Waldschmidt (2b)
Henrik Dittmann
Hannes Waldschmidt