Forschungsgemeinschaft elektronische Medien e.V.

Admin Consultation Hours

Due to the current development of the corona virus, there is currently no admin consultation hour. Please do not go to the office, there will be no admins anyway. 

We also advise you to keep the personal contact to admins to a minimum. This includes only the submission of membership applications.

Everything else (device applications, problems with the internet and so on) can be handled via mail to our ticket system (to

The Admins of FeM e.V.

If you want to contact an admin it is advised to write an email to You can also simply create a request via our ticket system Helpdesk. The ticket system is processed by all admins. It is useless to go to the FeM-Office, because currently there are no admins there!

For questions contact our Helpdesk

Die Admins der einzelnen Blöcke

Block A
Rijbe Ahmed (02-12)
Block B
Saadman Abedin (01-11)
Block C
Walter Sonkoue (01-01-11) Touseef Ashraf (01-02-13)
Block D
Block E
Erik Isselhard (KG-03-2)
Block H
Hakeem Shaddoud (01-32)
Block I
Riccardo Dölle (04-62)
Block K
Leon Böhmer ((2a-)01-22) Jakob Lerch ((2a-)01-22)
Anna Brede ((4d-)00-12) Jago Bünder ((4a-)02-23)
Lydia Augustin ((4d-)01-22)
Block L
Luca Dölle ((6c-)00-11) Sebastian Speitel ((6d-)00-23)
Brice Yossa ((8c-)02-21) Darius Detzner ((8a-)03-21)
Jawad Munir ((6e-)01-21) Danh Hung Khiem Nguyen ((8c-)04-21)
Markus Blank ((6d-)00-21 Omer Ali ((8a-)01-22)
Block N
Jennifer 'Jenny' Graul (03-05) Adrian 'nex' Schollmeyer (05-13)
Block P
Franca Bittner ((03-)00-02) Sylvain Wouatong Palo ((03-)02-03)
Block Q
Marius Lehmann (01-02) Martin 'Rudi' Rudolph (04-10)
Zhansong Geng (202)
Henrik Dittmann (1a - 2.OG) Johanna Radechovsky (1a - 2.OG)
Jan Lemmen (4a - 2.OG)
Henrik Dittmann
Sebastian Speitel