Forschungsgemeinschaft elektronische Medien e.V.

Corporate Design

We use the colors, fonts and logos listed below in all texts and print materials. They are partially protected by copyright. To preserve the Corporate Identity you have to apply for a written permission before using our community logo.




On promotional documents (e.g. posters, business cards, letterheads) two fonts are used:
for headings 
"Futura BdCn BT", for texts "DejaVu Sans Condensed"(bold/regular).

Logos as vector graphics

Corel Format
ai Format
                                           SVG Format

Logos as pixel graphics

The graphics were created with anti-aliasing in front of a white background. If they would be placed in front of a differently colored background, small white borders would appear. In this case you can either generate your own graphics from the vector graphics or contact The gif files are transparent.

                                                 blue:                              black:

491x100  jpg / gif            491x100  jpg / gif
160x  33  jpg / gif            160x  33  jpg / gif

229x100  jpg / gif            229x100  jpg / gif
160x  70  jpg / gif            160x  70  jpg / gif

647x  70  jpg / gif            647x  70  jpg / gif